Fujitsu Compact Hi-Wall

Fujitsu Compact Hi-Wall

This extremely popular heat pump range is very compact with smart flat panel fascia and the most advanced engineering within. Fantastic energy savings are achieved with Fujitsu’s improved heat exchange technology as well as offering near silent operation, healthy fresh air filters and many more extra features.

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  • Compact design
  • Super efficient
  • Healthy air filters
  • Catechin filter
  • Long-life ion deodorisation filter (optional)
  • Super quiet
  • 10˚C heat operation

STANDARD Control options
• Four timer settings (On/Off/Program/Sleep timers) • Easy to operate controls • Easy-to-change across all modes

Blue fin heat exchanger
65% of Kiwis live within reach of salt-laden air. That’s why Fujitsu’s outside heat exchange units are coated with a blue corrosion-resistant material to enhance durability and help extend the performance life of your heat pump.

size Indoor height
width (mm)
height (mm)
Outdoor Width
ASTG09LVCC 293 790 225 540 3.4
ASTG12LVCC 293 790 225 540 4.8
ASTG18LVCC 293 790 620 790 6
ASTG22LVCC 293 790 620 790 7.2
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