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Thursday, 05 December 2013 14:26


  • 2kW heat output 
  • 2 Heat settings 1000W/2000W
  • Optiflamem with coal effect 
  • Flame effect can be used independently of heat source
  • Fits in a standard fireplace or on a hearth 
  • Opening Door
  • H=54.5 W=44 D=31 cm 
Thursday, 05 December 2013 14:14

Mini Cube

  • 1.5 kW heat output 
  • 2 heat settings 700W/1500W
  • Piano Black finish 
  • Flame effect can be used independently of heat source
  • Optiflame with coal effect 
  • Modern curved steel casing 
  • H=37 W=32 D=20 cm
Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:54


  • 2kW heat output 
  • 2 heat settings 1000W/2000W
  • Piano white finish
  • Flame effect can be used independently of heat source
  • Optiflame with log effect 
  • Modern curved steel casing 
  • H=49 W=47 D=26 cm
Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:44

Hydronic Heating Boiler

Features include the ability to close off rooms without depriving the occupant of the heating so essential on those cold winter days.

You can also regulate the temperature in different rooms or zones of your home or office area.

With its clean lines and a glass door fitted, the unit is perfectly suited for the living area of any home where it can provide space heating to the room in which it is located, as well as central heating to the rest of the house.

There is the added benefit and charm of viewing the magic of the flames through the glass door or enjoy a delicious cup of coffee brewed on the cook top.

The Dynamic 3500 is also available with a solid firebox door for installation in a garage or plant room. The Dynamic 3500 is recommended for heating areas up to 300 square metres (30 House Squares)

Thursday, 05 December 2013 12:35

Esse - Plus 2

The electric ‘Plus 2’ module adds 4 oven cooking capability, a state of the art glass-ceramic hob and a powerful electric grill to any ESSE.
Double the cooking capability of your ESSE.
The new electric ‘Plus 2’ module takes the food handling capability of the already generously proportioned two oven ESSE into a different league. With a massive 173 litres of oven capacity and 2.4m2 of working hob space available, even the most demanding banquet or catering needs can be managed with ease.

The ultimate in cooking flexibility with four ovens, two hob areas and a grill (two grills if your ‘Plus 2’ module is partnering an electric ESSE), your cooking options are endless. And because the ‘Plus 2’ is electric and therefore totally controllable, how you use its ovens is up to you, slow cooking, roasting, simmering or baking, the choice is yours. If you choose to partner it with a gas or oil ESSE you can have the very best of both worlds, classic ‘always on’ range cooking and instant controllability with the added benefit of a grill.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 12:11

Esse - EC2i Electric Cookers

The Esse Electric Range cookers are like nothing else on the market. With a quality never seen before, the ESSE Electric Ovens have stunning Cast Iron and enamel front and doors that hide the latest in easy cooking electric ovens. These Ovens are Not Heat Banks - but quick heat up, enamel ovens offering extraordinary deep oven depth. 

With 3 Models to Choose From

ESSE 900 EC ( in Stock in Black and Cream )

  • Massive Ceramic Dog Bone Cooking Surface
  • 7 Heat Settings
  • 2 x Electric Ovens
  • 1 x Classic Large Plate Warming Oven
  • Stunning traditional Chrome Hot Plate Covers

Esse 905 EC2i ( in Stock in Black and Cream )

  • Massive Induction Dog Bone Cooking Surface
  • 7 Heat Settings
  • 2 x Electric Ovens ( one fan forced )
  • 1 x Classic Large Plate Warming Oven
  • Stunning traditional Chrome Hot Plate Covers

Esse 990EC4i 

  • 5 Zone Induction Cook Top
  • 4 ovens 
  • The RH top oven is conventional,
  • The LH top oven is  fan-assisted, with built in grill
  • The RH bottom oven is conventional
  • The LH bottom oven is a Slow cook oven @ 120oC

Each electric oven in the EC4i can be used independently so energy is not wasted heating ovens that are not in use.

Heating quickly from cold, the individual electric ovens can be turned on and off independently and the stylish induction hob offers the ultimate in energy-efficiency.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:46

Esse - CAT Cooker

The highly efficient ESSE CAT and flued gas cookers both use a single gas burner to heat a hotplate capable of taking up to six pans together with two ovens and are more than capable of holding temperature for sustained periods of use unlike heat storage cookers.

The CAT Enabled flueless range cooker, gives you the cooking performance of a range cooker with added efficiency, as no heat is lost up a flue. The CAT cleans the gases burnt by the cookers single atmospheric burner, removing the need for a flue to vent them outside.

As no flue is required, you have lower installation and servicing costs and more freedom to position your cooker where you like.

The CAT can be programmed to come up to temperature three times a day via its seven day timer, or controlled manually. Manual control allows the cooker to be used in the event of a power cut.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:37

Esse - Wood Fired

The Woodfired cooker continues this principle and offers a surprising degree of control over it’s functions for a wood burning cooker. 
Cooking temperatures can be easily controlled via a sliding mechanism just inside the firebox door.  A lever on the side of the flue box operates an oven by pass for the flue gasses, allowing them to go straight up the flue, instead of around the ovens first.
It is used when first lighting the cooker to ensure smoke is immediately drawn up the flue and also to warm the flue so that it begins to draw as quickly as possible.
With the ovens heated to the desired temperature it can also be used to boost the hotplate temperature for flash frying or searing without affecting the ovens.  The combination of efficiency and capacity mean that one fuel load can run the cooker for over 12 hours.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:32

Esse - 990 Series

The ESSE 990 wood cooker 

The 990 can achieve heat outputs between 2kW and 8kW depending how it is operated and how much fuel is loaded. The stylish firebox features a secondary glass door enabling the flames to be admired while allowing extra heat into the room, and the large cast iron hotplate has different temperature zones for added flexibility.

The 990 heats quickly from cold, has a large log capacity and also incorporates stainless steel towel rail, perfectly weighted, insulated lids over the hotplate and easy-shut door handles.

You can even use the 990's firebox to grill directly over hot embers with cooking smells disappearing up the flue.

The 990 is available with or without a hot water boiler and can also be specified as a solid fuel cooker.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:26

Stanley Errigal

Is available in several enamelled colours or in a matt black paint.

The cooker is supplied with a heat cover, towel rail, plate-rack/splash-back and legs. The extra large firebox takes up to 15" logs (or coal). The oven is 394 mm wide and is of "even heat" cast iron construction.

A stainless steel wetback is standard for direct coupling to domestic hot water or a boiler model is available for running up to 8 central heating radiators, as well.


Width: 910 mm
Depth: 617 mm
Height: Hob 876 mm
Plate rack: 1390 mm