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Fujitsu 2 & 3-4 Head Multi Inverter

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Multi-type systems are one of today's most advanced forms or air conditioning / heat pumps. One outdoor unit can power up to 4 indoor units simultaneously. These multi systems are quick and easy to have installed, highly energy efficient, high power and ultra quiet. Each indoor unit can operate independently from their own wireless remote control.

They are ideal where an individual indoor unit is required in each room, for example, a living room and 3 bedrooms. The outside unit can connect to a wide variety of inside units including Hi-Wall, Floor Console, Cassette and Bulkhead type ducted.

The outside unit can be installedin a wide range of properties by long piping of 30m (gas chargeless) for AOT24LM2, and 70m (gas chargeless to 50m) for AOT30LM4.

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