Gourmet Cooker

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The firebox is above the oven giving excellent hotplate temperatures and reducing the amount of bending when refuelling. The magic of the flames can be seen through the self cleaning glass on the firebox door, a feature not usually associated with cooking stoves. The Gourmet has excellent heating ability without sacrificing the features required for a good cooking stove. The Gourmet is as much at home in the family or living room as in the kitchen where its dual purpose makes it a cost efficient option.

Available In four colours - Moss Green, Blue, Golden Fire Brown and Metallic Black, with a crisp, clean Chrome Trim. The firebox is large and super responsive. The oven comes standard with oven rack and tray. A full set of instructions come with the Gourmet. The Gourmet will burn coal, but is more suited to burning wood; having both top and bottom air controls.

All Gourmets are hand built by experienced craftsman to give the quality and individuality not achieved by mass production.

The Gourmet is also available in a CD (central heating) model with a boiler output of approximately 15kW - more than enough to heat the average three bedroom home.

Optional hot water jacket (wet back) to provide piping hot water for all the family's needs and save on hot water bills, and also an optional splash back are available for the Gourmet. At Metal Dynamics our designers and product development people understand the importance of building stoves that are user-friendly.

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