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Greenwood Furnace

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The Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace represents the latest innovation in wood burning boilers. Based on a tested design developed more than 20 years ago, the Greenwood wood boiler is the most efficient, wood burning boiler you can buy for your home.

It is safe to operate, burns smoke- and creosote-free, and saves you up to 70% on your home heating bills. Our wood boiler is also easy on the environment -- the fuel you burn is a renewable resource and does not contribute to global warming.

Finally, the Greenwood hydronic wood furnace is easy to install and works with a variety of heating systems and applications.

Clean Burning - produces no smoke or dangerous creosote.

Why a Greenwood Works

To understand why the Greenwood wood boiler "burns clean," it is helpful to understand how wood burns. Here's the scientific explanation ... when you kindle a fire, the temperature accelerates to around 500º F at which point the wood begins to breakdown chemically and throw off volatile gases. These gases catch fire and accelerate the temperature to about 1100º F, at which point the wood solids begin to burn.

If the temperature remains at or above 1100º F, the fire consumes all of the wood gases and solid materials, and you have a "clean burning" fire. If not, you have incomplete combustion, which means unburned gases and particulates are vented by the furnace. Some of it escapes out the chimney as smoke; the rest cools down and remains in the chimney in the form of creosote.

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